Fly Casting Pictures

This is the pick-up of the fly line preparing for the backcast. This series of fly casting photos was taken by Harry Tuttle.

This is the beginning of the backcast with the line starting to fill behind. It requires patience to allow the line to straighten out behind.

This is the beginning of the presentation. The line has straightening out behind and you are using the rod to throw the line in the presentation.

The presentation as the fly is placed on the water. This fly is a heavy clouser minnow and requires some pratice to make a good presentation.

This is the hook set after some line has been stripped in. The fish is on and some spent line is in the water.

It is important to play big fish off of the reel. The spent line is reeled in as quickly as possible and the fish is on the reel so the drag of the reel can be used in the fight. It is easier to break the leader when stripping line during a catch than using the reel drag.

The fish has been reeled in and has been picked up to make a release. It takes both hands when making a release with or without a net. Find a good place to put your fly rod.

It is hard not to smile when everything works out. Another nice fish!

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