Bull Trout Pictures

Bull Trout are a Char that are native to western Montana, northern Idaho, Washington, and northern Oregon. There is also a resident population in British Columbia, Canada. Special regulations apply to all Bull Trout fishing and they are considered an endangered fish. This Bull was caught in Rock Creek, Montana.

Bull Trout face several problems to their continued existence. Brook Trout hybridize with them and produce sterile offspring. This Trout was considered a Dolly Varden until the 1980's when it was classified as a separate species.

Bull Trout are not beautiful fish, but are unique and have had a variety of restoration efforts over the last decade. Bull Trout are now commonly being caught in several Montana streams. Check out the difference between Bull's and Dolly Varden in the Pictures area of the site.

Bull Trout were listed as an endangered species by the Fish and Wildlife Service on June 10, 1998. All states with Bull Trout populations have regualtions in place for their protection.

These fish are agressive and the larger fish prefer minnow flies. This agression means that the few fish in a stream will attack a properly presented fly.

Bull Trout are differently colored than other western trout, and if it has orange and yellow spots it is probably a Bull.

Bull Trout may be kept in some Montana areas, but this is subject to regulation changes. The Flathead drainage in Montana has a good population of Bull's, and fish are being caught in several other drainages.

Bull Trout can get large and have been known to eat small fish as they have been reeled in by anglers. This is not something you see from other trout species.
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