Cutbow Pictures

Cutbows are generally an unwanted cross between introduced Rainbow and native Cutthroat. In many western states this cross is removing the native Cutthroat. This is a 19-inch fish caught by Nephew Chris Willis in the Bitterroot drainage of Montana. Cut-bows are common in this area.

Cutbows have the fighting characteristics of Rainbows and the beauty of Cutthroat.

There are as many different looking Cut-bows as there are subspecies of Cutthroat.

There are a few states that still stock Cutbows, but many states are trying to remove them and restore the native Cutthoat.

They are a beautiful hybrid.

This is one of over 100 small Cutbows we caught actually looking for another hybrid (Brook/Bull) in Slate Creek, Montana. Slate Creek is a tributary of the West Fork of the Bitterroot.

These fish are everywhere in the west and it will be hard to remove all of them.

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