Cutthroat Trout Pictures

This is one of the prettiest Cutthroat I have ever caught, and is a Westslope Cutthroat. It is 17 inches and was caught in the West Fork of the Bitterroot River on a Clouser Minnow fly. Yes, it was hailing during that fishing trip.

This is a Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat in spawning colors. It is a toss-up whether this fish or the Westslope is the most beautiful of the Cutthroat. I have caught Fine Spotted up to eight pounds. Check out the Book or E-book Trout Adventures - North America.

This is one of the largest Cutthroat Trout I have ever caught, and is a Yellowstone Cutthroat. This fish does not have as much color as some of the fish from Yellowstone Lake or River. This 7-pound football was taken in Henry's Lake, Idaho on a #14 will bug. The Henry's Lake Yellowstone Cutthroat are a little different than those caught in the rest of the Yellowstone drainage.

This is the tubing crew getting ready to put-in where a small stream comes into Henry's Lake. Henry's Lake is the best Cutthroat fishing I have found, but sometines it is not easy!

This Yellowstone Cutthroat is colored like most of this subspecies of Cutthroat. Some of the prettiest fish come out of the Yellowstone River and Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. Fishing these areas do require a Park fishing permit and a tubing permit to tube on Yellowstone Lake.

This is a Rio Grand Cutthroat taken in New Mexico. The New Mexico Fish and Game has been working on restoring this subspecies to its native habitat, and there are several areas open to catching Rio Grande Cutthroat. I have caught them in the Chama in northern New Mexico and the Conejos is southern Colorado.

Snake River Cutthroat are fun to catch and are common in the Snake River below Jackson Lake. They jump more than some of the other subspecies and fight extremely well. I have caught them on dry flies in the Snake.

Greenback Cutthroat are another beautiful trout native to Colorado that were almost eradicated from their original drainages. They are making a comeback and can be found throughout Colorado. This fish was caught in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Colorado Cutthroat are native to the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. This fish was caught in the headwaters of the Colorado River. The Headwaters of the Colorado are fun to fish and hold many, many and many more Brook Trout.

Cutthroat are my most favorite trout to catch in North America. There are many subspecies (12), and they are all beautiful. They also fight extremely well.

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