Golden Trout Pictures

Golden Trout exist at the higest elevations in the western United States. They are native to the Kern River drainage in California and are are actually a subspecies of Rainbow Trout. Golden have been planted in several western states, and the largest fish appear to be located in Wyoming and Montana. This fish was taken in Lightning Creek, Montana

Golden are truly beautiful fish and while they are native to California have been transplanted into high mountain lakes and streams in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.

Golden don't get very big in the Kern River area, and the largest fish seem to be located in pristine lakes of the western mountains.

This is another golden that shows the golden highlights for which the fish is famous. The size of this fish is typical of those in the native Kern River drainage which seldon exceed ten inches.

If you look hard you can see the back and tail of a Golden Trout looking for food in Lightning Creek, Montana. It is possible to site fish for Golden in some of the small streams where they are located.

Golden are difficult to reach, but catching one may be a once in a lifetime experience! Getting to Lightning Creek and Lightning Lake is an extreme hike.

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