Golden Rainbow Trout Pictures

Golden Rainbow are becoming common in many of the places where Rainbow are stocked. They may be the most beautiful of all of the trout!

Golden Rainbow Trout were created in a West Virgina hatchey from a single fish that showed up in 1954. By 1963 solid gold fish were developed and the Golden Rainbow was born. This fish is 4-pounds and was caught in Missouri.

This picture is the true Golden Rainbow. Pennsylvania has the most extensive state stocking program for a similiar hybrid call a Palomino Trout. Golden Rainbow are also stocked in West Virginia and Maryland, but another option is to check with private trout parks and see if they stock Golden Rainbow.

This is a Palomino Trout that is not quite as vivid gold as the Golden Rainbow. These fish are created by crossing a standard Rainbow with a Golden Rainbow.

Golden Rainbow are one of the most beautiful hybrids and it is easy to see why they were developed. They fight well and do jump.

This pictures shows how well the fish can be seen in the water. They don't survive long after stocking, and are easy prey for alert fisherman.

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