Rainbow Trout Pictures

This is a nice 4-5 pound Rainbow looking for something on the surface. Rainbow are one of the best trout to catch on a dry fly and they will jump and jump and jump and jump some more.

This nice Rainbow was caught in the Kenai River, Alaska, and took a dry fly. The Kenai produced the largest Rainbow I have ever taken on a dry fly which weighted just over 7-pounds.

Rainbow are one of the most beautiful of all the trout, and may be the best fighting fish of them all.

My Mother (she's 90 in this picture) with a nice Montana Rainbow.

This is a 5-pound Rainbow taken in Missouri. Missouri has many places where both Rainbow and Brown can be caught.

This is a Rainbow from Hebgen Lake, Montana that took a stone fly nymph.

The Kenai River, Alaska is the best river I have fished in North America for large Rainbow. It is famous for Salmon, but consistently produces Rainbow above 5-pounds.

Rainbow are pretty fish both in and out of the water. They do match their name.

This is another large Missouri Rainbow that weighted over 5-pounds. The big Rainbow make long runs and will still jump. They are terrific fly-rod fish!

This is Fisherman's Point on Hebgen Lake, Momtana. It is the best place to tube when the wind is blowing!

Another nice rainbow taken in the Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake.

A great stop for Rainbow on the Madison River, Montana. There is a hatch every evening and you will also catch Whitefish.

Rainbow never seem to quit fighting and will keep fighting to the last inch of line. Some fish do take some time to regain their strength, and it helps to move them back and forth in the water to keep water moving through their gills prior to releasing the really tired fish.

One of the few times I kept fish. These were taken from Island Park Reservoir, Idaho for a fish fry for some friends. They were caught on a #8 stone fly nymph.

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