Sunapee Trout Pictures

Sunapee Trout may be the most difficult Trout in North America to find, and may also be the most rare of all of the trout species on the Continent. They no longer exist in three of their native lakes. This fish is from Long Pond, Maine. They are difficult to catch on a fly rod and are closely related to Blueback Trout. Both trout are relic Arctic Char, and some say that they are the same fish.

You really have to want to find these fish. They exist only in Maine and are only in a few lakes. There may be a few that have been transplanted in Idaho, but none have been caught in that state for many years. They are rare, difficult to find, and extremely difficult to catch!

This is a Blueback Trout caught in Black Lake, Maine. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and most fisheries biologist believe that this is the same fish as the Sunapee. Their body shape is similar, but their markings and coloration are not. They do not appear to be the same fish.

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